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City Hall, Paducah, Kentucky
[MCPL_PC_0125, 5DK-506]
City Hall, Paducah, Ken...
Paducah (KY)
Title City Hall, Paducah, Kentucky
Description "Paducah's New City Hall, designed by the internationally famous architect Edward Durell Stone, New York City, was constructed in 1963 and 1964. It occupies a full city block in the downtown urban renewal area and cost approximately $1,500,000. It is an excellent example of Mr. Stone's work and is the first building designed b him to be erected in the state of Kentucky. This srtucture, with its exterior roofed concourse and colonnade, its great interior court surrounded by offices, graciously houses Paducah's City Government."
Coverage Paducah (KY)
Identifier [MCPL_PC_0125, 5DK-506]
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