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Temple Israel, Paducah, KY
Temple Israel, Paducah,...
Paducah (KY)
Title Temple Israel, Paducah, KY
Description Image of Temple Israel in Paducah, KY. The Jewish Synagogue was on Broadway. Note reads: "2/19-11, Dear Dottie: Well how is Dottie feeling tonight? I suppose the same kind of weather exists there as here. It is some cold down here now. That's because its been so warm. The fruit trees began to bud so warm it was. It was tring to snow this evening. I've been sitting around in the house all day as usual studying. Hope you are fine and dandy. [illegible] off and go to be as it is [illegible] eleven, which is time for all babies to be in bed. Yours [illegible], Geo. A." Written under the note is another passage that reads "This church is where the great wedding took place. Yours, G." Addressed to Miss Dottie Manees, McClure, Illinois. ID Number 07 14823
Coverage Paducah (KY)
Identifier MCPL_PC_0289
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